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Automatic upgrade to Gold Affiliate Whether you qualify based on the number of sales you’ve made with Zaxtra as an Affiliate, we will automatically upgrade you to Gold Affiliate
10% off on Zaxtra
While checking out, you’ll get a smooth 10% discount on your Zaxtra purchases. Save hard cash while buying those super cool Zaxtra deals.
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Get access to deals exclusive to Zaxtra Premium members, including to periodic sales of deals made available to Zaxtra Premium

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Jamie Glaiser "My experience with Zaxtra has been entirely like a connection with comic book creators. All of these experiences have been really awesome. Finding amazing products is very easy and the deals they run make me go crazy."
Tracy Evans "Zaxtra is extremely supportive in giving all the tools any Business would need, at an amazingly low cost and unbelieving at one-time price. Their platform is well designed, easy to use and allow us to maintain good contact with the product creators. Overall, we would highly recommend!"
Jonathan Clark "Zaxtra organize the campaigns and make available the latest tech even when they are not in the market at a very minimal one-time price. It is simple awesome house for Awesome Software. They allow for a quick refund for a few days if you feel like you made a mistake. So proud to use and love this Indian platform!"
Ana Wise "I am very impressed with this platform. Some marketplaces will keep all the money if you don't meet your target however with Zaxtra, you can set it up to receive whatever you raise. Also setting up the campaign on their website is quite easy and they provide a lot of support in managing your campaign and achieving results. I am simply Amazed!"
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Frequently Asked Questions What is Zaxtra Premium? Zaxtra Premium is a membership program that extends exclusive benefits to its members such as an automatic upgrade to Gold Affiliate status, 10% discount on Zaxtra purchase, exclusive deals available only to Zaxtra Premium members and a lot more. Is Zaxtra Premium a paid membership? Yes, the membership comes at a small annual investment of only $99. You can cancel at any time. How does upgrade to Gold Affiliate work? Normally, Zaxtra members automatically become Silver level affiliates for a product when they buy the product. Gold level affiliates do not have to buy a product to promote them. And that’s one of the coolest benefits of being a Zaxtra Premium affiliate is that you automatically get to promote any Zaxtra deal without having to buy it first. Also, as a Gold Affiliate, you get 10% more in commissions than at the Silver level, and you also get paid out twice faster. This is a double-whammy from all sides. How do I enjoy the 10% discount as a Premium member? You’re looking for awesome deals when you’re at Zaxtra, right?! We know that. And we want to make it even sweeter for you by given you a further 10% off as a Zaxtra Premium member, applied automatically to your cart when you check out. How awesome is that?! I have more questions about this. How do I get in touch? Absolutely! We’d love to answer your questions. You can reach out to us by clicking here (URL zaxtra.com/support)
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