Keen on Generating Capital without
giving up Equity?

Then look no further.
If you’re a company with a robust product, and you’re looking to grow but you don’t want to give up valuable equity for it, then Zaxtra could well be the perfect marketplace to feature your awesome product.
As a software company that started as a start-up, we know very well that there are two things that start-ups need, especially when they’re in their growth phase. And these are:
We know through our experience as serial entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, Dubai and other tech hubs that the majority of start-ups fail as they don’t have one or both of these.
Companies that have an awesome product don’t know how to get their masterpiece product to customers, and the ones who have customers don’t have a product to write home about.
In creating Zaxtra, it is the combination of exactly these two elements that we want to provide to you as a vendor of your product.

Why Partner With Zaxtra

Of the many benefits of partnering with a vibrant
marketplace like ours, here are a few…
Consumer Base By selling on Zaxtra, your product will quickly develop a massive base of high-quality consumers. What most companies take years to get to the level you’ll achieve in weeks.
SaaS Marketplace The buyers on Zaxtra are long-term users of your software. They are not interested in just "trying stuff out". They make a commitment to their business and to you when they buy your software.
Affiliate Network At Zaxtra, most affiliates will also be buyers of your product. The buyer-affiliate combo is a huge benefit. As you can imagine, users of the product are also its best promoters.
Exposure Your product will get hundreds of thousands of eyeballs and quick exposure in a short time. This is massive in not just building your brand but also long-term customer relationships.

Are You Ready?

We handpick the products that are sold on Zaxtra as the benefit to our user community is one of the core things we look to provide. Most companies that reach out to us have a product that is ready to be sold on Zaxtra, but then there are also some that are not. Here’s what we’re looking for when we screen companies and offers prior to handpicking them for sale on Zaxtra:
Robust Product You’ll need to have a robust and reliable product and does what it promises. It will have to be high-quality (and not a buggy, beta version that’ll burden our users rather than helping them). Product robustness and deliverability is key to get you in the game!
Excellent Support Great companies not just make awesome products but go the extra mile to support them and provide excellent customer support. We’d look for you to be one of those companies. A customer’s journey starts with the sale, which is why customer support is key!
Vision & Roadmap Awesome companies have a vision for their product(s) and a transparent and communicable roadmap for their products’ development. Zaxtra will put its weight behind your product when you have this. The future of a product is super important. You’d want to have that vision & future roadmap.

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