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At Zaxtra, our affiliates help transform the landscape of the market by promoting awesome deals to their customers that literally change their customers’ businesses. This is awesome for the vendors of the product as well as for you, the affiliates. The affiliate program is one of the easiest you’ll find on the planet, with just 4 steps:
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You, the Zaxtra
Affiliate = Awesomeness!
Here’s Why…

Lifetime Deals is YOUR Thing
You love lifetime deals. And you know that your audience you promote these deals to will love them, too. Especially if the deal is really going to help your customers. So you can go right ahead and promote with confidence!
Is The Key
By promoting awesome deals, Zaxtra Affiliates like you not just help their customers get their hands on valuable deals but also the vendors of the products. And Affiliates do both these things while building their OWN online businesses. There isn’t a better Win-Win-Win constellation.
Handpicked Products is OUR Thing
We very carefully select which products get promoted on Zaxtra. Each product is handpicked by us. You can be super-confident that you yourself would eagerly want to become a user of a Zaxtra deal, but also promote it to your own friends and family without thinking twice.
You have used and love Zaxtra deals and you’re able to confidently promote them to your audience.
It's WHO
you know
You have an audience of entrepreneurs, bloggers, designers, freelancers, or business consultants
Apply Signing up for the Zaxtra affiliate program is free and easy. You’ll get access after you’ve been pre-approved by us to your own affiliate dashboard where you can access your affiliate links, track your campaigns and access training material that will help you promote.
Promote Reach out to your customers with your Zaxtra referral links - be it through your mailing list, newsletters, blog posts, webinars - there are lots of cool and easy ways to this. Use our promotional material and let our affiliate training guide you.
Earn For purchases made through your referrals, you get paid out commission from the purchase price, whether this is for one product or multiple ones. Your commission is paid out to you through our payment system straight to your account.

Whatever Your
Affiliate Marketing Experience,
There’s a Level PERFECT for You…

The Zaxtra Affiliate Program caters to all levels of affiliate marketing experience. Whether have gazillion years’ experience as an affiliate, or you’re just about starting out, our program has the right motivation for you. Zaxtra Affiliates are of 3 different categories, that can be progressively achieved. Your goal as an Affiliate is to ensure that you progress through the categories and benefit from the advantages you get from the higher category. And your progress through the categories based on the total number of sales you’ve made with Zaxtra deals. We’ve made it super-easy for you to progress through the levels as each transaction made within a deal counts as a sales. This means that if there are 3 product levels within a deal, and your buyer buys all 3 them with your affiliate link, it will count as 3 sales for you. How cool is that?!
This is the default affiliate category for all Zaxtra users coming into the program.
  • You do not need to have made any prior sales for a Zaxtra deal to be in this category.
  • All you need to do is to have bought the deal yourself and voila - off you can go to start promoting it.
  • You get to promote the level of product that you bought yourself.
  • You get a full 30% commission on any sale you make of a Zaxtra deal purchased through your unique affiliate link.
  • We will pay you out your commissions 28 days after the sale was made.
As the sales you make as a Zaxtra affiliate grow, so will the advantages you get by promoting Zaxtra deals.
  • After only a total of 250 sales made through your affiliate link, you will be automatically upgraded to the Gold Affiliate level.
  • Different from the Silver Affiliate level, you do not need to have bought the deal yourself to be able to promote it.
  • You get a 40% commission for any sale made through your affiliate link.
  • Your commissions will be paid out to you in just 14 days after the sale was made.
When you’ve reached this level, you know you’re on fire!
  • With a total of just 1,000 Zaxtra sales, you will be automatically upgraded to becoming a Platinum Affiliate. Or if you are an experienced affiliate marketer with a proven track record on other networks, this is the level you’d be joining in.
  • Just like at the Gold level, you do not need to have purchased a deal to be able to promote it yourself.
  • You get a full 50% commission for any sale made through your affiliate link.
  • Your commissions will be paid out to you in a mere 7 days after the sale was made.

And What Do Our Affiliates Have To Say?

"I've been in an Affiliate Marketer for a long time now And I know that being a Zaxtra affiliate gives me the opportunity to provide my users with launch-ready software that is going to make a difference to any business that uses these products. Not at while paying an arm and a leg for software but at awesome Lifetime Deal prices. It doesn't get more amazing."
Armando Olivar
Armando Olivar Affiliate Marketer
"Becoming an affiliate of Zaxtra is one of the coolest things I could have done for my online business. This is a platform that helps awesome software companies with equally awesome products, and get AMAZING offers for these products for my subscribers and customers. So we ALL win in the process. How cool is that?!"
Tim Parker
Tim Parker Marketer
"Attention, Affiliates! You need to take a very good look at Zaxtra. Why? Because you'll be able to offer one-time deals to your customers for groundbreaking software products. And all this while actually being an affiliate for that company and helping them get to the next level. Zaxtra's Affiliate Program has my 5-Star recommendation."
Paul Essar
Paul Essar Coach & Marketer

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