About Us Zaxtra’s Vision is that dynamic SaaS companies never need to think of where to find long-term customers or funding, and customers don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for software they need to run their business.
Our Mission To create a vibrant marketplace where dynamic SaaS companies launch their products and fired-up customers get lifetime deals they’ll not get anywhere else.

The Zaxtra Community

We’re proud to be an awesome community of thousands of users, who pride themselves in using premium software products they purchased as lifetime deals. Our users know that at Zaxtra, they’d get software they need for running their business and not have to pay an expensive price or recurring fees to buy it. A key part of Zaxtra’s community are its hundreds of premium affiliates, who know that their subscribers only stand to win when they get their awesome Zaxtra deals. Also, turns out that many of our users are also some of our best affiliates. Learn what we do

Zaxtra’s the best place for
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Created to bring innovators and
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The inspiration to create Zaxtra finds its root in our founders’ own experience that dynamic SaaS companies don’t know how to get their arms around 2 fundamental things:
Generate revenue for running their company without being massively dilutive (giving up a ton of equity), and
Finding long-term customers (users) for their amazing products that solve a real business problem.
They also found that users - mostly small businesses or solopreneurs - often incur massive costs - often on a recurring basis - to pay for software they desperately need to just keep their business going. Zaxtra’s creation couldn’t have been a more natural outcome of these fundamental insights. Here’s where amazing products from dynamic SaaS companies meet their perfect match of equally amazing customers who get lifetime deals on these products. An amazing win-win marketplace.

Our 2020 Targets

20+ Campaigns Products sold on Zaxtra this year
20,000+ Users Customers who bought Zaxtra deals
$5M+ in Revenue Revenue generated by the campaigns this year
10,000+ Affiliates Affiliates
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